Prepared especially for Zaratan, this series of sculptures develops a black language that reacts to the present political panorama. The ephemeral is a sign of the impermanence that conforms our contemporaneity. In this case it is a question of responding to dematerialization and the precariousness of daily experience with thoughts and productions equally precarious and participating in the disposable logic that pervades capitalist society. Precariousness is not a pathological symptom, but a positive investment opportunity that points to procedures of adaptation to the new unstable environment, in which there is no possibility of a great historical or mythical account from which the forms would be ordered. Capital Uber Alles is a path between the signs, more than a set of isolated and finished works; enlightening the order of the event (here and now) instead of the monument, fragility and rupture instead of eternity engraved on a stone. Autonomous and intertwined at the same time, the pieces live a choral experience that reveals affinity with the forms of staging, with theatricality and mise-en-scène. Between fractures, flaws, and subtle equilibrium, a certain weakness and tension, a mute cry, dangerousness, a misaligned order are evidenced here. One hears a voice in power that extends from the discomfort to a certain poetic resistance.text by Gema Noris

Conversa impossível. 2015

A visão ja não é a possibilidade de ver, mas a impossibilidade de não ver. 2016

Partido #2. 2015

Cadeira de rodas. 2015

AAAAA. 2015

sem titulo (em legitima defesa). 2015

baioneta. 2015