Boca de Cena, Lisbon 2013

Rua do Benformoso

Stage Velvet Curtain.

Public Intervention, taking part of the A.I.R.(residence) OFFLINE, organized by Xerem a Lisbon kunstverein, partner of the International Triangle Network.

The ideas of barrier and visibility were here the basis, putting in evidence a natural social border between a popular old street, lived by chineses, paquis, drug dealers and poor people on the neighbourhood, contrasting with a facing brand new renovated square in this problematic area, that emerges with a new cultural scene, alternative, in which the municipality itselfs invests in the conversion of the area, intervening with a strong plan for the renovation of buildings, pavements and cultural programs for an outsider audience. However, this square Intendente, coexists now with artists, cultural consumers, prostitutes, and cops, together in harmony, with the office of the Mayor of Lisbon. The Stage Curtain intervention appears there to underline this physical and social unevenness of these two diferent places connected in the end of this street, with dramatically distinct functions. The Curtain, acts here as barrier of visibility and also aims to enlight this invisible border. This was the stage where all were performers.