Homem Gnomone, 2001-2012

Based on an impulse that went from the language of sculpture (material and shape) to the language of drawing (engraving), we experimented with the broad idea of calling on the Earth and the Sun for a synchrony of movement to reestablish a union of humanized proportions. Through the perpetual intrinsic movements of these cosmic bodies, a wide gesture was made to try and represent a trajectory of a route conditioned, lived, and acted upon to set up an experimental relationship of Time/Space/Matter. The research presented attempted to recover the sense of an experience without mediation, through which an evolutionary construction of the concept of mobility and scope is revealed. By means of the artistic gesture, a relationship was conquered that made it possible to test and prove a series of assumptions, based on which a personal narrative of contact unfolds, for the constitution of a sense of always being present in time, space and orientation, unveiling a strategy for making possible new maps.